This year I will turn 40…

….and I feel about 22. Sometimes 14. Sometimes infinte. People are often shocked when I say I’ve been on the planet and in this body for that long. They say, “Oh you must eat a clean diet”, or “Oh, it’s all the yoga”, but the truth is it’s none of these. My youthful spirit, vitality, soft skin, bright eyes, and yummy smile arise out of my transcendence through pain and suffering. Through my metamorphosis, as a phoenix form the ashes, into the deepest gratitude you can fathom. Gratitude and pure joy. My mental outlook creates my physical body. There is no other way.

And every time I meet someone new they say, no way you can be 40! Your body is so youthful, your energy so child-like! You’re so happy and optimistic all the time!


But I have seem some of the deepest pain you can imagine…

…when I turned 28 my first son died. It was horrific, raw trauma. I cried for a whole year. And at some point, I got up. I had to get up off the floor and make a decision. Either my own body would die from the sheer sorrow, or I had to decide to start a new life. And there was only ONE thing that could save me.

It was gratitude.

And selfless service.

These moments changed my life. I came back a new person. Suddenly the sun rose in the east with a new light, a new feeling in my heart was being birthed. I felt inspired by the tiniest bits of beauty in the world, and on the horizon. I felt like each smile from a stranger was the most precious gift on earth. Each blade of grass blowing in the wind. The feeling of being alive in my own skin.

I dove head first into teaching yoga and meditation in a new way, unbound by physical form. I moved through the world with new eyes.

And now, as a teacher, writer, speaker, philosopher, and yogi, those of you I have studied with or taught over the last two decades know that I am deeply passionate about self-empowerment, health & wellness, spiritual nutrition, mind-science, and goal setting.

The work is real. And it’s powerful.

There are many of us who are hungry for a life that allows for the opportunity to expand our minds, to learn & grow, to be refreshed and renewed, and give back to our communities. But there seem to be blockages. I facilitate space for clients to open up to a new paradigm, and an opportunity to bring vigor and inspiration to your life, thereby affecting everyone you know.

The intention is to enhance your unique and beautiful gifts & spark your passions. Whether it’s a career change, a new nutrition and fitness regimen, or just soaking in the beauty your divine self through meditation, this experience will change your life. We’ll delve into your curiosities, your desire for adventure, relaxation, and excellence. Each life coaching session feels like a doorway is opened in your heart and in your mind for more truth, more beauty, and sweet inspiration. Explorations that take you to spectacular vistas, and deep rest. Opportunities to blow your mind wide open, and manifest longevity, optimal health, radiance in your life!!

I invite you to sit with me and experience unparalleled inspiration through your own magnificent making.

Our sessions will uplift your life and set goals with exciting action plans in the realm of relationships, nutrition, career, health, wellness, and overall joy. I help people re-discover their power, beauty, strength, and purpose on this planet. It’s a powerful opportunity to explore your inner worlds, and also your outer expressions of manifestation in your life. I emphasize philosophy through yoga and meditation. Each session is handcrafted and customized for your best life.




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